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Madeline's Story
Meet Madeline, help raise awareness for her!

   September is Early Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  Here at Olivia's Bow Club, raising money to help fight early childhood cancer has been a cause that is close to our hearts.  This year, it became even closer when one of our beautiful members was diagnosed with stage 4 Metastatic Neuroblastoma.  This year we are honoring Madeline, sharing her fight and raising awareness/funds to help find a cure to early childhood cancer with a beautiful gold ribbon bow in her honor.  All proceeds from this bow as well as 5% of our monthly add-on sales will be donated to Courtney's Courage, a foundation chosen by Madeline's family that is dedicated to raising funds for children's cancer research, specifically neuroblastoma, and to assist with support services for Tucson pediatric cancer patients and their families.

Meet the little babe behind the bow, Madeline. . .

This special love is Madeline.

The youngest of our babies. My husband and I are blessed with 3 girls, 7, 5, and 2. She is the perfect last piece to our family and one I feel I was always meant to have. I knew I was made to be a mom of 3 and she is everything my soul was waiting for. But 3 months ago our world completely shifted in an instant. In mid May, our sweet Madeline developed a sudden limp. It came and went for 2 weeks without much concern from our pediatrician as she didn’t seem to be in pain and wasn’t constant. When overnight that changed. She was suddenly unable to walk, sit upright, being picked up hurt, and rolling over was impossible. After rushing to the Pediatric ER where X-rays and an MRI were done, it was decided she had a “never before seen by the doctor” infection of her ilium bone. She was rushed to surgery to insert a drain and after 3 days in recovery, we were told some blood work raised a few red flags leading to the need for an ultrasound. Very late that night, our doctor came into our room and gave us the devastating news that it was not an infection. Instead, our littlest love has stage 4 metastatic neuroblastoma that has spread to her liver and bone marrow. She was taken via ambulance to another local hospital with a wonderful pediatric oncology unit. By the Grace of God and the skillful hands of an amazing surgeon, her 4cm tumor on her adrenal gland was successfully and completely removed right away. Here were are, 3 disgustingly long but somehow fast 3 months later. Her and I have spent about half of that time in the hospital for treatments, transfusions, anesthesia procedures, and fevers while my husband stays home with our two older babies. At this point, Madeline has finished her 4th out of 7 rounds of chemo and is doing it with such a fighting and salty spirit! After these cycles, she will move onto stem cell transplant stage which is roughly a month in the hospital, then radiation, then onto 6 months of immunotherapy. But I have hope she will keep this same fire and fight in her the whole way through and show cancer it has no place to thrive in her little body. I have hope we will be back home, as a family of 5 to grow in love and life together when this is all over. This sweet girl deserves the world and I ask that any good vibes, well wishes, and prayers, are sent her way. Childhood cancer is a tragedy that is not talked about enough. And together we can fight that too.

#Madelinestrong🎗-Lilliana Randall

Here's how you can help support Madeline's fight and Courtney's Courage:

1. Purchase and represent the Early Childhood Cancer Gold Ribbon Bow here and all proceeds from this bow will be donated to Courtney's Courage Foundation

2. Purchase any bows from Olivia's Bowtique and 5% of sales will be donated to Courtney's Courage

3. Donate directly to Courtney's Courage HERE

Thank you for being a part of this community and helping the fight for a cure for early childhood cancer.XOXO - Lindsay & Olivia